EPC Peterborough

I can’t say enough good things about the COJG! The application process is quick and easy and the training we have received has benefited our whole organization. It’s great to see programs like the COJG exist to help our small family business stay competitive in a large international market. I highly recommend all business owners look at applying.

Dustin Rhodes
General Manager / Lucky Strike Bait Works Ltd

As a small organization with a very limited training budget, the COJG allowed us to obtain leadership training that we would not otherwise have been able to afford. We trained an existing staff into a more advanced role, allowing us to keep someone with organizational knowledge and also acquire the skills sets we need. The training has also helped us feel more equipped for succession planning. The COJG required minimal time and paperwork for a great benefit.

Suzanne Galloway
Executive Director / YES Shelter for Youth and Families

The experience I had with the job service was really well done. I was glad to be able to receive help with my job application requirements and was also glad to have my resume and cover letter looked at. Having access to the computers was also a bonus for searching ads on your careers website. I would recommend this to others looking for similar services as it is difficult to find a student job you are interested in without the help of staff who know what job types you are interested in.

Brandon Sarginson

This has been by far the most educational and enjoyable experience in my working career, and I would like to thank you for this opportunity.

Michael D.

I have nothing but praise for the services offered at Employment Planning and Counselling. I have used other employment services and I find EPC much more suited to what I have needed to get me back on track and working again.
I attended a TIOW course when I found myself unemployed in my early 50’s. It gave me the time and opportunity to really consider what skills I had to offer and where I wanted this next phase of my life to go. It was very helpful to be with a group people who were in the same situation and to brainstorm solutions to the place where we found ourselves.

My counsellor is top rate. She has the innate ability to make you feel that she really understands where you are and will do everything in her power to help you find a good job fit. Of course, she has many other clients, but while you are in her office she focuses only on helping you. As if you were her only client. It sure was nice to know that she was going to be there every step of the way with me.
I have recommended EPC to others and will continue to do so. I am very grateful that I was referred to EPC and believe others will feel the same.


I am extremely happy with the services provided by Employment Planning and Counselling and would highly recommend them to anyone. In fact I have mentioned to a number of people how successful the program has been for us.

Theresa Pagett
Executive Director / Applewood Retirement Residence

Thanks in part to the Youth Employment Fund and the Peterborough Employment Planning and Counselling Service (EPC), I had the opportunity to work as an intern for 5 months at the Camp Kawartha Outdoor Education Centre as an administrative assistant. This placement was valuable not only because the organization and staff are wonderful, but also because of the marketable skills I gathered in my short time there.
I engaged in various administrative activities such as data entry and management, writing correspondence, proposals, reports and data forms, answering and maintaining phone lines, organizing and filing important and often sensitive documents, engaging in customer and client relations, and providing administrative support in an office setting.
I also gathered knowledge and some experience in fundraising and event planning. I helped with the final preparations of Camp Kawartha`s major annual fundraising event, Surf `n` Turf and completed the post-event activities, such as sending out thank you letters and helping balance the profit. I am currently helping to build a crowdfund campaign for a project at the Environment Centre, which should be up and running within the next few weeks. I have been put in charge of this project and, as a result, have learned a lot about crowdfunding, fundraising, and prospect searching.
I have also gained experience in the not-for-profit sector, which is rewarding in itself!
I have really enjoyed my time at the camp and working with some very wonderful people. The opportunity has allowed me to use some of the skills I gained as a student in a work setting, giving me the job experience often required for many employment positions, and to gain many others that will make me a much better candidate in future applications.
Thank you EPC and the Youth Employment Fund providing a hiring incentive so that I can gain real work experience!

Christa Falconer

During a recent rapid growth in new business at Ritz Plastics, we were reviewing our hiring process for areas of improvement.  One phone call to Employment Planning and Counselling and our hiring process was on the fast track.  Everyone at EPC, the receptionist, counsellors, etc. are very professional, full of energy and accommodating.  An offer of a hiring fair with candidate screening and qualifying, was exactly the help we were looking for.  Hiring Fair date was set, candidates were lined up around the corner and we were “off and running”.  The candidates who passed the pre-screening were given an interview date and time with us. All of the candidates were well prepared for their interview.  We have hired 6 individuals directly from the hiring fair and are pleased with the new hires.  Our next interviewing date has been set and we look forward to meeting another group of qualified candidates.  Thank you EPC!

Val Souch
Ritz Plastics

Thanks again for everything. We couldn’t have had this much success without your dedicated team of employment professionals. The hard work and organization invested was evident throughout the entire day resulting in successful hires for our organization. All our positions are now filled.

Kasandra Martyn
Human Resources Coordinator / Wireless Express