10 Effective Strategies for Researching Companies

10 Effective Strategies for Researching Companies

As a job seeker, you have likely heard that it is beneficial to research companies that you would like to work for. This research can help you gain a better understanding of what the company is all about which in turn helps you to better tailor your resume, cover letter and interview responses. We have outlined 10 effective strategies for making the most of your company research.

  1. Check out the company website. There is a wealth of information and it will provide insight into the history of the company, their values, their niche and mission. They will highlight their community involvement, detailed information on products and services, contact information and provide links to their social media accounts.
  2. View links on the company website. This can provide further information regarding suppliers, partnerships or valuable sites the company utilizes and/or recommends.
  3. Many companies have a Careers section on their website. This may provide you with the opportunity to set alerts monitor job openings and obtain valuable information regarding job qualifications, expectations and keywords.
  4. Utilize any opportunity to subscribe to the company’s newsletter. Keeping up to date with changes in the company can help you to monitor hiring trends, job fair announcements and upcoming events.
  5. Review posts for the past three months on each social media account. This exercise will highlight what is important to the employer, provide you with industry-specific news and give you the opportunity to engage by liking, commenting or sharing the articles.
  6. Follow the company blog. This information will often highlight industry news, trends, challenges, best practices and recommendations. This information will help keep your knowledge current and position you to be able to better address behavioral interview questions.
  7. View the staff directory and, if appropriate, connect with them on LinkedIn. Reviewing the groups and companies they follow will help you to expand your network. Reading their background summary, work experience, education, certifications and skills will enable you to identify any training or skills gaps you may want to address.
  8. Conduct online research through Google, Glass Door, Scott’s Directory and Google reviews to learn more about the company’s reputation. Keep in mind that there may be a huge discrepancy between ratings so take this into consideration.
  9. If the company has an Annual General Meeting, that is open to the public, attend it to find out more about their activity in the past year and goals for the future.
  10. Schedule an informational interview with a relevant staff member at the company. Prepare specific questions in advance, be mindful of their time and ask questions specific to your needs and interests.

With this new-found information, you should feel much better equipped to apply and compete for jobs with your target companies. Good luck with your job search!

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