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Embracing Life Long Learning

Written by Jean Giroux; Edited by Sandy Vandermeulen

There is something about the month of September...warmer clothes, cooler nights, leaves changing and students returning to school. While many parents and students grapple with the challenges of online and in-class learning options, it is inevitable that students of all ages will learn more about both subject material and how to navigate distance education platforms. Yet back to school is not just a term for children, youth, and young adults. Newcomers, career changers, job seekers, and the under-employed can take advantage of numerous online learning experiences as well, some of which may even be free.

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What is the new normal for job search?

Written by Jean Giroux; Edited By Sandy Vandermeulen

For months we have talked about COVID…the potential impact on our health, months of social isolation from loved ones, restrictions on non-essential travel, and long-term unemployment. While many of us thought in March it would only last a few weeks, here we are 5 months later with still many restrictions in place. With long-term uncertainty and the various stages of businesses reopening, it has been challenging both supporting and advising job seekers on how to cope with the pandemic. Here are the things we know for sure:

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