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10 Top Resume Writing Tips

Written by Jean Giroux; Edited by Cayley Rice

Your resume is one of the tools that tells your story, highlights your suitability for a prospective job, and has the potential to set you apart from your competition. With this in mind, a resume should be regularly reviewed and revised to ensure that the most current and suitable information is provided to recruiters. We have devised 10 resume writing tips to cross-reference before you submit your next application.

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What to Do When You Are Not a Morning Person

Written by Jean Giroux; Edited By Sandy Vandermeulen

Regardless of how much you may love your job, sometimes when the alarm goes off, the thought of getting out of bed can be daunting. This can be is normal response occasionally, but if it begins to become common place you may want to incorporate some strategies to help you ‘get it together’ in the morning:

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Interviewing: From Ok to Awesome in Five Steps

Written by Jon Hedderwick; Edited by Deirdre Quinn

As an Employment Counsellor, a major part of my job is coaching people on job interviews. I have the benefit, in this job, of having personally been in more job interviews than most people will in a life time. When I was younger, I worked as a seasonal labourer and had to find a new job every winter when I got laid off from my summer gig. Over the years I have worked in customer service roles, print production, restaurants, general labour, in education, publicity and, even for a little while, as a junior forest ranger. Interviewing has just always been a part of my life. Over the years I have learned five reasonably simple things that have had a major impact on my interview skills. Doing these things won’t be a complete substitute for good preparation, but if practiced as part of your interview prep they can give you much more control over interview situations.

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Tips For Preparing For A Job Fair

Written by Anthony Berardi

It has become much more commonplace for large employers to host a Job Fair when conducting a mass hire. This time-efficient, the cost-efficient process allows them to meet multiple candidates, in a short period of time, and form a viable first impression.

With so many job seekers expressing frustration with the impersonal selection manner used with online applications, the Job Fair format provides that face-to-face connection they often long for. Yet with so many other competitors it can be overwhelming, so we have developed a checklist to ensure you maintain a competitive edge.

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Why do you want this job?

Written by Jon Hedderwick; Edited By Mary Coughlin

For many employers, the recruitment process is as much about risk management as it is about finding qualified applicants. Consider this: Workopolis reports that, “According to a recent study by the Conference Board of Canada, the average time needed to fill a role is 56 days, with the average cost to hire a new employee coming in at $6,227.” Put simply, this process is time-consuming and expensive. Employers, especially those with lots hiring experience, know that what they need most are passionate people who will stay long enough to return on the investment of energy and money that goes into the onboarding process.

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How Labour Market Information Can Prepare Us for the Future

Written by Jean Giroux; Edited By Carolyn Powles

As Career Practitioners, we are often asked “Where are the jobs?” In the pre-digital world, that was a bit easier to predict, however recent statistics have indicated that, “By 2030, the majority of jobs that will be in demand do not even exist yet” (Ontario Centers of Excellence Advancing Education Program). That statement alone can be very distressing or motivating, depending on your life perspective. What does become clear is that our ability to embrace lifelong learning, be adaptable and multi-skilled will better position us for the careers of the future.
We know that the employment landscape continues to change with a decrease in long-term full-time positions to an increase in self-employment, contract and remote work. Rohit Talwar – Fast Future (2017) cites, “Canadians entering the work force today can expect to hold 40 different jobs in ten completely different career paths in their lives.” That is a long way from the full-time permanent jobs available in the generation before us. Given the fact that, “51 percent of people are staying at a job for less than two years” (Workopolis, 2017), the concept of choosing a forever career is not as feasible as it once was. The world is changing and, like it or not, we must keep up in order to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

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12 Tips for Job Search, COVID Taught to Me…

Written by Jean Giroux; Edited by Sandy Vandermeulen

Gearing up for the holiday season often includes enjoying some of our favorite Christmas songs. It is an understatement to say “this has been a very long year”. In the spirit of the season, we are going to pay a light-hearted tribute to the “Twelve Days of Christmas” theme outlining what we have learned in the past nine months. Hope you enjoy!

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10 Tips for Ensuring Online Privacy

Written by Jean Giroux; Edited By Sandy Vandermeulen

As many individuals and companies worldwide are gravitating to online learning courses, professional development webinars and online meetings; cybersecurity becomes an important consideration in maintaining personal privacy. The platform Zoom has increased its audience during COVID-19, quickly becoming the front-runner for connecting learners and professionals growing from 10 million users to over 200 million users in three months. As we maintain physical distancing, you may now have more time and opportunities to access free online training courses that can enhance your skills, knowledge and resume.

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