"She Made Me Feel Like I\u2019m a Shining Star"

She Made Me Feel Like I’m a Shining Star

When Hayley Burnett came to EPC seeking assistance with her job search, she already had prior experience working with employment agencies. This had not always been a positive situation for her and, while often offered access to workshops, what Hayley knew she really needed was an advocate.

As a graduate of the Child and Youth Worker Program at Centennial College, she had been seeking long term employment in her field of study since 2014. Dealing with the challenges associated with having a physical disability, she felt she had been struggling with stereotypes including employer concerns regarding potential health costs, her level of independence, and productivity.

Hayley describes working with EPC as a “step in the right direction”. She referenced her experience highlighting the staff as making a difference and caring about her as a client. In particular, Hayley cites her counsellor, Kim Richards, as being truly helpful with employment, being very accommodating, and doing what she said she would do. Upon meeting Hayley, Kim assured her that she is really good at making things happen and promised “I will do everything in my power to help you get where you want to go”.
Kim asked her about her goals, discussed challenges, and assisted her with research regarding her interests, occupation details, and career prospects. Further, she connected her with local resources, assisted her with researching and accessing funding for equipment, and obtaining a work placement. Kim laid out the step by step process for job placement and addressed any questions or concerns.
In speaking with Hayley, she is clearly a self-aware, determined woman who is eager to start her career. An opportunity has been created for her to work as a Mentor in the Amigos School Program with Heads Up for Inclusion. The Program is an inclusion program focusing primarily on youth with intellectual disabilities. The hope is that this experience will progress into paid employment in the very near future.
Hayley ended the interview by stating “Kim made me feel like I am a shining star”. We want to thank Hayley for allowing us to share her story and for her kind words about her experience at EPC. We wish her the very best with her career pursuits. This post is the first in a series of client success stories that we are highlighting in honour of our 35th anniversary.

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