What is the new normal for job search?

For months we have talked about COVID…the potential impact on our health, months of social isolation from loved ones, restrictions on non-essential travel, and long-term unemployment. While many of us thought in March it would only last a few weeks, here we are 5 months later with still many restrictions in place. With long-term uncertainty and the various stages of businesses reopening, it has been challenging both supporting and advising job seekers on how to cope with the pandemic. Here are the things we know for sure:

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Tips and Tricks for Finding and Keeping a Job

During Career Week 2019, we hosted an Employer Panel comprised of The Kawartha Pineridge District School Board, The Keg Steakhouse, Foodland, Kawartha Guard Service and Comfort Keepers. These employers graciously provided us with the following strategies for success when trying to find and keep a job:

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How to Get and Keep a Job: Recommendations from Employers

We would like to start by thanking representatives from Goldwin Metal Products Ltd., Nordia, Peterborough Humane Society, Peterborough Trent Valley Honda, Crayola, The Keg Steakhouse and Kawartha Guard Service for attending EPC’s 2018 Career Week Employer Panel session. This well-attended event provided tips to job seekers regarding employer expectations in the areas of job prerequisites, the application process and desired traits in a new employee. By using this checklist of employer recommendations, it will help you stay on the right track when trying to stand out as a preferred job candidate to both get and keep the job.

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The Value of an Informational Interview

While many have heard of informational interviews, there are few job seekers that feel comfortable contacting an employer with such a request.
What kind of questions do I ask? Will I be bothering them? How is it going to help me in the long run?
These are common and very legitimate questions that we hear often. This post is designed to help you develop a clearer understanding of the benefits of an informational interview and the process involved.
First, let’s start by making the distinction between a job interview and an informational interview. A job interview is arranged by a potential employer in response to your job application. It indicates that you are seen as a suitable candidate for the position and are moving on to the next step in the recruitment process. On the other hand, an informational interview is arranged by the job seeker, displaced worker, career changer, recent graduate or aspiring student.

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A Gig Economy Survival Guide

The gig economy is not new, but it is gaining in popularity.  The reasons for its growth according to a June 2018 US based Forbes article(1) are:

  • There is a growing “education gap”.
  • Attitudes toward work are changing.Workers want more freedom with their schedules, and work location.
  • Employers are utilizing freelancers more often due to cost savings.
  • Technology has advanced, and costs have come down making hardware, software and connectivity more affordable.
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Nobody likes to be the Newbie – Tips for “Fitting In” When You Start a New Job

Going through the application process to find employment can be stressful; then finally it happens. You get a job offer. No more handing out resumes, completing online applications, or answering tough interview questions. Hurray! Following the excitement and anticipation, comes the reality check. You are starting a brand new job – with people you don’t know, in a business you are unfamiliar with, completing tasks that may be new to you.

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How to Help Your Kids Find Meaningful Employment – 12 Tips for Parents

It has often been quoted that “there is no love stronger than a parent’s love for their child.” With the goal of raising happy, health, successful adults, we do everything in our power to create opportunities that will allow our children to have many doors open to them in the future. Sometimes the intent to be helpful can inhibit a child’s ability to become confident, independent, resourceful and successful. While the process of finding employment can be challenging and discouraging, allowing them to find and maintain the job helps them develop the skills they need for the numerous career changes ahead. We have outlined some tips that will allow you to show your support while also promoting independence during the job search and career planning process.

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