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How Do I Prepare to write the GED?

Written by Jean Giroux; Edited by Carolyn Powles

It is no secret that the majority of employers have deemed a high school diploma to be a minimum requirement for even the most entry level jobs. While this proves to be an issue for some, there are viable options to make sure that you are able to readily compete in today’s market. One of those options is to obtain the General Educational Development Certificate, otherwise known as the GED. There is a testing site in Peterborough where both the GED Final can be written as well as the preparation assessment otherwise known as the pre-test. The Pre-test can be taken in the evening or during the daytime. The Ministry Final is scheduled on weekends providing access for those who are working full time.

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Tips For Preparing For A Job Fair

Written by Jean Giroux; Edited By Anthony Berardi

It has become much more commonplace for large employers to host a Job Fair when conducting a mass hire. This time-efficient, cost-efficient process allows them to meet multiple candidates, in a short period of time, and form a viable first impression.

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How to Help Your Kids Find Meaningful Employment – 12 Tips for Parents

Written by Jean Giroux; Edited by Sandy Vandermeulen;

It has often been quoted that “there is no love stronger than a parent’s love for their child.” With the goal of raising happy, health, successful adults, we do everything in our power to create opportunities that will allow our children to have many doors open to them in the future. Sometimes the intent to be helpful can inhibit a child’s ability to become confident, independent, resourceful and successful. While the process of finding employment can be challenging and discouraging, allowing them to find and maintain the job helps them develop the skills they need for the numerous career changes ahead. We have outlined some tips that will allow you to show your support while also promoting independence during the job search and career planning process.

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Take Time to Create Your Own Path

Written by Jean Giroux; Edited by Sandy Vandermeulen

For many people, the need to change careers may be imposed upon them. Company downsizing and positions becoming obsolete may result in job seekers feeling the pressure to retrain. Whether it is continuous education classes or more formal post-secondary diploma or degree programs, it is undeniable that lifelong learning is now a survival skill in today's competitive marketplace.

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Interviewing: From Ok to Awesome in Five Steps

Written by Jon Hedderwick; Edited by Deirdre Quinn

As an Employment Counsellor, a major part of my job is coaching people on job interviews. I have the benefit, in this job, of having personally been in more job interviews than most people will in a life time. When I was younger, I worked as a seasonal labourer and had to find a new job every winter when I got laid off from my summer gig. Over the years I have worked in customer service roles, print production, restaurants, general labour, in education, publicity and, even for a little while, as a junior forest ranger. Interviewing has just always been a part of my life. Over the years I have learned five reasonably simple things that have had a major impact on my interview skills. Doing these things won’t be a complete substitute for good preparation, but if practiced as part of your interview prep they can give you much more control over interview situations.

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