Keep up with Job Search Trends

Written by Jean Giroux; Edited By Sandy Vandermeulen
Keep up with Job Search Trends

While the majority of job seekers are knowledgeable about employer expectations, the job search process itself can be confusing. Different resume versions, online applications, and a LinkedIn account can serve as a source of frustration. In this age of technology, the job search process has become less personal, with selection sometimes being based on algorithms and human resource software specifications.

If you are wondering how to ‘keep up’, you are not alone. We have compiled strategies to help you put your best foot forward and ensure that you are able to promote your skills adequately to potential employers. Whether you are a recent grad, newcomer, career changer, or older worker, these recommendations will help you to ‘keep up’ with the digital demands of looking for work:

  • Highlight recent training, volunteerism, and relevant work experience
  • Tailor your resume to each posting. Ensure your skills and education ‘pop’ in six seconds or less and job duties incorporate industry terminology
  • Improve your computer skills so you can email your resume  and apply to jobs online
  • Remove work history that is dating back more than 15-20 years.
  • Use the word ‘extensive’ when referencing experience over 20 years in length
  • Ensure you have a current email address (avoid Hotmail) does not include your birth year
  • Use short form for Ontario (ON)
  • Do not add a dash to your postal code
  • Add your email address, and LinkedIn URL if available, to your resume
  • Remove all unnecessary and discriminatory information from your resume
  • Avoid using a resume template
  • Ensure you are using the current company name (Fleming College vs Sir Sandford Fleming College)
  • Ensure you are using ‘keywords’ for online applications and profiles
  • Remove indentations from your cover letter
  • Use single spaces when starting a new sentence in your cover letter
  • Embrace networking and cold call strategies
  • Remain current regarding hairstyle and clothing
  • Conduct follow up phone calls and send thank you letters
  • Utilize current postings to help you prepare your ‘elevator pitch’ for your cover letter, LinkedIn profile, interview responses, and job fair introduction
  • Be respectful of an employer’s time. Without creating unnecessary work gaps, remove any unnecessary information. Consider if you may be viewed as under-qualified or over-qualified based on the content you are providing.
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