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Keep up with Job Search Trends

Written by Jean Giroux; Edited By Sandy Vandermeulen

While the majority of job seekers are knowledgeable about employer expectations, the job search process itself can be confusing. Different resume versions, online applications, and a LinkedIn account can serve as a source of frustration. In this age of technology, the job search process has become less personal, with selection sometimes being based on algorithms and human resource software specifications.

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Nobody likes to be the Newbie – Tips for “Fitting In” When You Start a New Job

Written by Jean Giroux; Edited by Carolyn Powles

Going through the application process to find employment can be stressful; then finally it happens. You get a job offer. No more handing out resumes, completing online applications, or answering tough interview questions. Hurray! Following the excitement and anticipation, comes the reality check. You are starting a brand new job – with people you don’t know, in a business you are unfamiliar with, completing tasks that may be new to you.

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Ontario Helping Young People Find Jobs

Written by Government Of Ontario News Release

Ontario is helping young people find jobs and supporting employers by providing businesses with financial incentives to hire youth aged 15 to 29.

Jeff Leal, Minister Responsible for Small Business, made the announcement today at Morello's Independent Grocer in Peterborough alongside Mitzie Hunter, Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development.

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Take Time to Create Your Own Path

Written by Jean Giroux; Edited by Sandy Vandermeulen

For many people, the need to change careers may be imposed upon them. Company downsizing and positions becoming obsolete may result in job seekers feeling the pressure to retrain. Whether it is continuous education classes or more formal post-secondary diploma or degree programs, it is undeniable that lifelong learning is now a survival skill in today's competitive marketplace.

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Why do you want this job?

Written by Jon Hedderwick; Edited By Mary Coughlin

For many employers, the recruitment process is as much about risk management as it is about finding qualified applicants. Consider this: Workopolis reports that, “According to a recent study by the Conference Board of Canada, the average time needed to fill a role is 56 days, with the average cost to hire a new employee coming in at $6,227.” Put simply, this process is time-consuming and expensive. Employers, especially those with lots hiring experience, know that what they need most are passionate people who will stay long enough to return on the investment of energy and money that goes into the onboarding process.

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Tips for Acing Your Next Interview

Written by Jean Giroux; Edited by Cayley Rice

There is no denying that the most stressful aspect of trying to find work can be the job interview. Landing a job interview indicates that the employer views you as a suitable candidate. Now it is time to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward. Finding a way to ‘stand out in the crowd’ can be a challenge. Researching the company, conducting a mock interview, doing a trial run to find out how long it will take you to get there, reviewing your resume, choosing your interview clothes, and packing extra copies of your resume and reference page are all great strategies to prepare for the interview. Being able to outline your qualifications and provide examples of how you cope with challenges in the workplace will provide the employer with a better picture of how you might fit into their organization. Based on input from local employers, we have prepared a list to help you ensure that you are truly prepared for your next job interview.

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